Sunday, 31 July 2011

Let the games begin

Last day in India. I leave at midnight to go to Chennia for a 5.00am flight. Trying to deprive myself of rest and sleep now so that I can sleep through the whole journey.

Today was a great way to finish off my experience at Redichavady. A whole sports day was organised for the children, which was a mix between apple bobbing, three legged races and cricket and football. I got allocated my own team, which was by far the smallest of all the teams, no one managing to exceed the 5 foot mark. (I think fully grown Indians often border on this mark anyway.) The events were fun although extremly hot. The children were both interested and perplexed into the sweat my body produced throughout the course of the day.

I am really looking forward to home now, despite really having a fantastic time here. There are so many comforts of home that I just cant go out, not to mention the people that are there. I leave in a couple of hours now and only have my last supper left. I will post when I am home. But for now, this was India.

This is Allwin, the boy who I have been teaching English

Team Win!

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