Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Just £14.99 a month could provide a child in India with....

...the Internet he deserves.

I am sorry I have not posted for days. I was away for the weekend and been having major problems with the Internet. Got so frustrated today that I had not posted, I went into the city to go to an Internet Cafe, but was confronted with a city without power for the whole day. Back at base, we were without Internet for days and now we have it, the computer is broken. I am using a french laptop now, which is painfully slow as the keyboard is different. It feels as if I have never typed before and I am using one finger to type, scanning the keyboard for the appropriate letters. I am hopeful that this will all be updated properly tomorrow.

On a smaller note, I would just like to wish Alex Becker a happy 21st. I am sorry I am not there. All the best.

Check back tomorrow.

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