Thursday, 14 July 2011

Shake That Thing

Morning was occupied with a prolonged visit to a the neighbouring village where the women's business I was going to help with was. Due to the police being nearby issuing fines for more than 2 people on a scooter, up to 4 is common here, I was assigned to my bicycle. (Still haven't upgraded to the powered option.) I wasn't scared on the roads as I was preoccupied with fiddling with useless gears that only allowed me to be in 2nd, so as my legs span I didn't manage to gain more than a few miles an hour. When we got the the village the women were out and the salesman they had employed was there. We tried to work on some product design for the wristbands that they wanted to make but progress was slow. Not only because of the language barrier but because of the extreme lack of drive and motivation the Indians here seem to have. One of the main differences in conversational culture I have noticed is the body language when agreeing with something. When a man is listening and agreeing with you he will shakes his head from side to side, not with the axes at his neck but rather going from his nose to the back of the head, so the head is quickly tilting side to side. (Did you just try to do it?) This agreement often signals to me that he either does not agree or does not understand, causing me to repeat and reexplain and for him to get frustrated. We agreed a plan of action for the week and I left with little hope it would happen.

Cricket was limited for around 5 overs today. After some Swan like bowling I was hit for 6 but an older boy which resulted in a lost ball. Not great for a group of boys who only have one ball. There would be no umpire with a box that we could choose a new one from.

The rest of the day was hot and I was inclined to take a nap after my Tour de France experience. I lay on my bed with my iPhone playing away. It was strange how the music took me from one mood to another and how strongly it brought back some memories. I don't know if it would class as mediation, I think listening to music whilst mediating would frowned upon. The heat and Biffy Clyro reminded me so much of trying to sleep in Kos with Alex Becker and Michael Damiani, The XX of Spain and Tom Turner. I have to say that I would give anything to go down the pub, have a beer and be with friends.

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