Saturday, 23 July 2011

I'm Goaing away

Firstly, just a little apology for the title...

Things have been quite round here recently, and I don't want to spend my last week sitting in my room wondering if I am going to get an infection. I have booked myself a little holiday, 5 nights in Goa. (Hence the ridiculous title). I got an amazing deal and I am really looking forward to it. Its swings and roundabouts really. I will be away from the infection epidemic but they have malaria out there and I don't have the medication. I think I am working on the principle of, If Cheryl can do it then so can I, and the great Didier of course. (Mum, Dad, its only a couple of days, I will be fine, If I can get some tablets I'll buy them). Mummy told me I am not even allowed to use other peoples mobile phones; "because you can get infection through using other people's phones. When I was in Brazil...." (and so on). Despite only being a couple hundred miles away I couldn't get a direct flight and have to change at Bengaluru, I was however informed of this after I booked the flight. 45 minutes to Bengaluru, wait for an hour, then another hour to Goa. The change of scenery, food and overall luxury is going to give my body a bit of a shock, but I am going to go all out. I think food is the one thing I am really craving at the moment. I come back on Friday morning so I can finish off the work I have been doing out here. It will be a nice way to finish off the trip.

This is just a rough picture where I am going. I would recommend Googling Goa though. It looks beautiful and is on the coast. Lots of things to do.

P.S. Nice one KP, don't know why they keep going on about this Sachin chap either.

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