Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Generals war

Just a little update on what has actually happened today. There has been a bit of a back log with the lack of power and internet over the last couple of days.
The epidemic has not reached fever pitch (yet) so we are ok for the meanwhile. I am selfishly cautious around the children though. It is a strange battle; as much as Laura and I want to help, we are not with the children the whole time like Claire. We are often in the office or out of the house. We went to see them today and Claire was with them. We kept distance but gave our support. It was very like officers having a fleeting visit to the front line before quickly retreating back to safer ground. As we approached the office we had to stop by Antony’s room to get a key. Their was a small meeting going on and rock, paper, scissors was in order to get them, as entering the room would inevitably  end in prolonged conversation. Despite winning, I was summoned in as well. Antony was meeting with another leader of another NGO, who made Michelle’s talking look short and sweet. Laura, to her detriment, got on well with him and he continued to focus his stories on her. The clock was in front of me and I kept myself occupied for the next 40 minuets by holding my breath or writing this blog in my head.  
Not sure what is planned for tomorrow, hopefully I will get to see what the women have managed to do about the clasp on the wristbands. As always, I’ll keep you updated.

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