Monday, 1 August 2011

The Trip that ended the Trip

The hours in the evening seemed to take an eternity to pass. I was planned to leave at 12.30am, but once you are packed and ready, you feel that it is time to go, but left helplessly waiting. I showered late so I would be as fresh as I could be for the trip, it would be a long one. I was, to my surprise, emotional and sad to be leaving. Although home was certainly calling me and I wanted more than anything to be back, I had and still have so many memories that will always stay with me.

As I waited for 12.30am to come, I was presented with some gifts by Antony, and it was one of those real moments when you are completely taken aback and left a little bit speechless. I was really touched; as they have been so hospitable throughout my entire stay. They will be treasured. One present, which was wrapped and then opened in front of everyone, was a little glass statue/trophy expressing that I would be missed. It was cheap and tacky and at the same time such a lovely thing to receive. They actually meant what it said. Kevin, Antony’s son, also presented me with a metal bracelet, which was too small, but because of the growing crowd I forced it on. It is now past the point of being able to get off. I am, however, in no hurry to remove it.

The journey was easy despite me not being able to keep my 100% record of being in charge of an emergency exit. I did, in spite of previous failed attempts, try a little at the upgrade chitchat at check-in but as always this ended in disappointment. In my attempts to strive for a seat where I had responsibility I believe the check-in lady caught on to this and therefore allocated me a seat with one. I was not in charge of a spacious emergency exit but I was seated in baby world and surrounded my mothers who saw me as a good young helper.

Touch down couldn’t have come quicker, the baggage defiantly could have. In my impatience I started to question whether I really needed my mud covered clothes in my bag anyway. A girlfriend who I had not seen in 6 weeks was 100 yards away and with in touching distance and the bag suddenly became unimportant. Before I was taken over completely by impatience it did arrive. It was swept onto the trolley and I darted through customs as fast as the uncontrollable trolley would allow.

As the support of my family had been so strong over the course of my stay in India, they saw no need for it to stop here. Laura took me to Mayfair where I showered and changed into clothes that had been provided for me, and then taken for a oversized steak with my parents at Browns. I ate so much that I am yet to have even thought about a snack this evening.

I am back now, on my Mac, which feels weird to write my blog on. I almost need the occasional power cut or dodgey keyboard to be able to write this all down as I have been doing. I have technology in my hands, food in the fridge and comfort when I sleep. Sometimes you don’t realise you are homesick until you are actually home. I am looking forward to tomorrow, the next day and the day after that, where I can spend time with my friends that have been sorely missed (or maybe its just the fact I haven't had anyone to play a good game of football with). 

I am back now, and I don’t plan to be leaving anytime soon.

I tried to put on a brave face but I was exhusted.

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