Thursday, 28 July 2011

Inside luxury travel with Oliver Riley

Still raining here, so still spending most of my time in the hotel. I have ventured out on quite a few occasions but its always seems to disapoint me. I wanted to get some gifts and a brochure pointed out that there was a shopping centre near to the hotel. It was within walking distance and it was a good excuse to get out, explore and possibly come back with some goodies. As I approched it I did a walk by to make sure it was the right one. There were about 5 shops in this "shopping centre", that frankly made the Harpur Centre look like Westfields, and 4 of the shops had shut down, leaving the one solitary shop. As I entered I was greeted by around 6/7 shop assistants, probably all from the shops which had shut down all congregating into the one remaining shop. It also looked like they had very few customers, hence their excitement when I entered. It was clear to me in the first few seconds that I would not be needing anything from the shop, but I couldn't just walk in and then straight out. I wandered through the ground floor and then the second before looking like I couldnt find what I was looking for. I left relieved that I was out, but not satisfied.

I am yet to enjoy the pool, but for a number of valid factors. 1. it does rain a lot. 2. I dont have any swimming trucks and 3. when the sun is out I cant seem to get sun cream on my back. It is a real dilemia for people travelling on their own and there must be a Dragons Den invention that can fix this. I understand that as long as I am not wearing "budgie smugglers" that I can ask another man to apply it for me, but does this apply for strangers? The advert is incomplete. I wander the hotel, trying out the different resutrants and facilities and still feel a little bit like I am there for some purpose or reason, inspecting the hotel. I imagine this is what it would be like being James Fulcher, traveling and staying in the luxury hotels on offer all over the world.

I did, however, get 90 minuets of real entertainment. ESPN had the Chelsea Kitchee game, and I can assure you, you wont see a better display of football all season. The 4-0 win was a Frank Lampard masterclass of distribution, although I am slightly worried that in the last 4 games our opposition have scored 3 own goal. I don't think we can rely on this all season.

The unused pool

Nothing better than chilling out with a fosters (water) at the game (on tv)

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