Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Riley's Sabbath

Yesterday was a busy day. One of the co-founders of Wherever the Need, David, arrived and is visiting for a week. Monday was packed full of visits to projects in schools, slums, and pretty much anywhere you could put a mobile toilet. Me and David joked about the immigration problem I had, he said that I was given the right details and that he rechecked his emails. I have not and will take his word for it. I'm here now and as long as they let me go home I really don't care. The visa problem could have been much worse as David was very insistent I get a Tourist visa. Meaning I was not technically, or physically for that matter, allowed to partake in any voluntary or charity work. It was just easier to lie and get the standard visa. However if they looked into this when I was getting interviewed and found things out in their phone calls, the entrance into the empire could have been complicated.
Today has been uneventful to say the least. I finished my first book of the holiday in the morning and have been  releuctant to start my second, and only other book I brought, incase that too gets finished at the same pace. I tired to get some cricket going, im pretty amazing against 8 year olds, but they had lost their only ball. Even Alex Becker's ball skills and hand eye coordination would count for something round here. They are not use to having possessions so things get lost easily, its sad. I will have to buy a carrier bag of them when I am next in town. Prices here are ridiculous. For an example when me and Laura (the new one) took Joseph and his friend out for lunch to say thank you, the whole meal came to less that 4 pounds, including sides, drinks and a 15% tip.
It has been nice to rest for a day, as the weekend was as busy as every other day. I needed it, and it has been worth it despite some teasing. When I asked David for a day off he complained and laughed saying "You come here as a volunteer, want to work and you want a day off! Tut Tut". The other colleagues made jokes and laughed. I said "No David. I'm a tourist" 

P.s I got through to the final round of Apple, so should have an interview waiting for me when I get back. I found out yesterday.

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