Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Business as Usual

Friday was full of Indian business for me (please note that this is nothing like the action we call “business”), and as a former student of the subject, I was able to put some theory into practice. I don’t know, however, if the same practical application can be used at home. I had a small meeting with Antony as I wanted to go through with him the figures and costs of me staying here. There was a lot of writing numbers on papers and passing it across the desk, sums of money was never discussed out loud. After an amount was agreed we took off, on moped of course, to the village that the women’s business was run. I wasn’t hopeful but had little else on my plate for the morning. I feel pressure on my shoulders as David has ordered 500 bracelets to incorporate WTN’s five colours.  This gives the company an instant boost which is brilliant but he has left without seeing any prototypes or any clue of what they will look like, it is down to me to produce something. I see frequent parallels with the protagonist in my book as he is sent away to a foreign country to learn more about the textile industry, I hope my story does unfold as his does however, as he quickly finds himself in the midst of the Great War. I am frustrated that the women aren’t really doing anything about their order and I really have to push them. Their minds are away with the ideas for watches or wallets, and I don’t think they realise that they need to fulfill an order. You often have to remind yourself where you are, the people you are dealing with and remember that it isn’t the same as home, relax. Despite what I thought, although ill give myself some credit, I turned up on Friday to find a 1st prototype of the wrist band. I was delighted that something had actually been done and that we were at a point where we sourced material and found a way to put it together that was pleasing to the eye. We just need to focus on the clasp, which is proving very difficult. One of the men working with the business, who has been appointed as salesman, reminded me that if I brought him any western product, he could have it made cheaply here and shipped back to the UK. Although the prospect of starting a business with products made here seems inviting, I enjoy working with the women the most because it is their company, their profits. I am not sure if I want to start playing with ethical and moral issues just to start a business.  

My escort

This is not a one way road.... Just India

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I think I make a pretty good hand model...

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