Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Who's got "THE POWER"?

Nothing much has really happened in the last two days, apart from the whole moped saga, so I'll just try and fill you in on what it can be like here.

The days can get pretty long as most of the day the power is out. It is such a bad problem here and I am yet to work out if they just don't have enough power to go around or the system is just dire. Organisation isn't a strong point here so I am inclined to think it is the latter. It gets really annoying when you are using the computer and then it cuts out. They have a little battery thing which is connected to the computer and in turn gives you about 2 minutes after the main power goes. It allows you to save something or quickly finish something but always in a mad panic. When the whole place is completely pitch black it reminds me of how scared Jess Stone got when her electricity ran out in Newcastle.

On the question of "power" although not in the same sense, the man/woman divide here is really interesting, well for a man anyway. There is huge segregation and I really mean segregation. The buses for example, there is a male end and a female end, and apart from the fact everyone is the same colour here you would think you are in 1950's America. Rosa Park's would be turning in her grave. It is very divided, just like their cast system which I found out yesterday, the late great Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was in favor of. My own examples are clear when I am with either of the French girls that are here. The other day a guy asked us for the correct English word to use and although Laura came up with a sensible answer she was ignored and he waited for me to give him the thumbs up on it. I am not allowed to do my own washing and It is always me the men want to talk to, my protests aren't always as strong as they should be when doing the washing is the subject.

The cricket has come on leaps and bounds and the boys are getting more suggestible to the true form of the game. It is also really rewarding for me as through my "cricketing prowess" they are respecting me and looking up to me. I'm making friends, even though they are only 10 years old.

Haha, the power has actually gone!!! Doing this on the little battery!! 

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