Monday, 1 August 2011

The last one and a Big Bloody Thank You!

The day before I was due to leave for India, I was recommended by a handful of my close friends that I should write a blog to keep them informed. I have always written this for them, but I am so happy it has been enjoyed by so many.  The blog has had over 1,000 hits in 10 different countries. I have received comments from family and friends that have lifted me, surprised me and really shown me how special they are.  This blog has been a fantastic way for me to document what I have been doing and a good reminder for years to come. The fact that others have chosen to take the time to read and in many cases comment, has made my experience in India extraordinary. I would like to thank them for just taking an interest.

I would sincerely like to thank my parents for making the trip a real possibility, to thank David Crossweller and everyone at Wherever the Need. Antonysammy and his family at Bless for having me, feeding me and making me feel so welcome. To Laura Milner for making sure that the Indian telecom industry wouldn’t go bankrupt and to all my friends who have always supported me in this trip.

I am a little sad this is up now as I have really enjoyed doing it, but, as the title suggests, this is my last India post. The fact that I am no longer in India makes it difficult to continue. My thanks once again for the support in reading this and letting me know what you have thought. I hope that you too can find an adventure like this of your own, it is worth it, I promise.

The End. 

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