Monday, 27 June 2011

I've had the same, Primart linen trousers, on for 2 days now...

No jokes, day and night.

Just a quick update because a lot actually happened this afternoon. (Just as an example of the food, I have just been handed "snacks" whilst on the computer. I asked what it was, he looked blankly and calmly said. "It's Indian food." Smiled and walked away.) So this afternoon I was taken to a village. It was pretty hot so the moped now felt as if someone was blowing a hair dryer in your face. I know I'm not going to get too much sympathy as whinging texts from Laura Milner have come in about how the heat in England is "loco". The village was as basic as it could get, but very compact and full of small walkways and paths. I was refrained from taking any photos as I feel it can often be distasteful, especially in someones home environment.
As I am sure you are eager to know I have had my first "bucket shower" which is a complicated procedure. I can't really see any results yet, one due to not having seen a mirror since the toilet on BA and two because you walkout sweating as much as you did when you walked in. (Now just been handed some bloody coffee!). Going to relax and see where I could possible hide this bowl of shredded brown stuff.

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